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How do I edit a booking?

To edit a booking, log into your Own Pool account and select which booking you’d like to change. You can then update fields including date, time, location,subject, and certificates required. If you make changes after the booking has already been filled, OwnPool will prompt you to notify the educator who’s taken the vacancy.  

Can I edit a booking after sending it to an agency?

If you’d like to edit a booking after sending it to an agency, you’ll need to contact the agency directly. The agency will then be able to help update your request.

Can I create multiple bookings at the same time?

Currently, Own Pool is set up to create one booking, for one educator, at a time. If you have many similar roles to fill, you can duplicate and edit bookings as you need in the portal. Our goal is to make invites specific to the role you’retrying to fill. This is all part of our promise to place the right people, in the right classroom, at the right time.  

Do staff require an Own Pool account to be invited into bookings?

No, educators do not need an Own Pool account to receive or accept bookings through Own Pool. They receive invites via text message and email, and all they need to do is click “accept” or “decline” to respond to your request.

Can I choose an order of preference for the booking?

At the moment, no. We understand being able to rank educators in order of preference is a valuable feature, so we’re working on this for launch late 2021.

What if I don't know which teacher is being covered, but I just know I need someone?

Not a problem! You can still create a booking in the system—you just skip the ‘Staff member being covered’ drop-down menu. This is an optional field.


If my booking gets filled, are invitees notified?

Yes. As soon as an educator has accepted your booking request, other invitees are automatically notified that the position is no longer available.  

If I edit my booking, are invitees notified?

Not automatically. If you make changes to your booking, you will need to send out individual notifications to invitees affected.

Can I manage these notifications manually?

Yes,absolutely. You can manage who gets notifications, when. You’ll find theseotions under ‘settings’

Certificates and compliance

Do I need to add in my educators’ certificates?

Yes. But this is easy. When creating or editing an educator profile, simply click “Add Certificate”. You then choose the type of certification (First Aid, for example) from a drop-down menu, type in the relevant certification number, and expiry date. Own Pool is then ready to validate the certificate for you. You have the option to upload a scanned copy of the relevant certificates into the system. It’s not mandatory, but we recommend it for your own reference.

One of my educators doesn’t have the right certificates assigned to them. How can I add the correct ones?

You can edit educator information anytime by logging in to your account and selecting staff profiles. Through this portal, you can nominate and update their contact details, their availability, their certificates, and their subjects.


Does it cost anything to create a booking?

No. Creating bookings are included in your subscription. You get unlimited bookings on our Free plan, up to 10 bookings on our Basic plan, and unlimited bookings on our Premium plan. However, text message notifications to invitees are not included in the Basic and Premium plans—you’ll need to purchase a Text Message Pack with us. These text messages are charged at market rates with no mark up.

How much does it cost to send a text?

Every country has different rates. Here’s a guide below:

  • Australia: 8 cents
  • New Zealand: 14 cents
  • United Kingdom: 8 cents
  • United States: 2 cents

When you buy a Text Message Pack with us, we can confirm with you exactly what the rates are at that time.

Can I choose to not send text confirmations?

Currently, no. Own Pool has been designed to automate the educator recruitment process—and this requires two-way communication via text to deliver an end-to-end user experience. It helps us deliver what you need in a single platform. No more juggling phones or emails, just one portal.

Do we pay an annual fee or pay on a per-month basis?

Own Pool subscriptions are charged month-to-month as per the fees on our pricing page. Charges are deducted from your nominated credit card in advance. There are no contracts or annual fees. Text Message Packs are purchased separately. You buy these in your OwnPool account or chat to our customer service team directly for more information

Do we get an actual quote for services?

The services included per plan (Free, Basic, Premium) are outlined on our pricing page. If you require a formal estimate or invoice prior to signing up (to raise a Purchase Order internally, for example), please contact Own Pool. Our team will be happy to create the documents you require.

Does the subscription period include school holiday periods?

One great thing about Own Pool is its flexible model that works for schools, early learning centres, and executive education. You have the option to contact us and switch between our Basic plan and our Premium plan depending on how many bookings you might need to make per month. Please note that we charge monthly, so it’s best to let us know early. That allows any changes you make to take effect from your next cycle.

My account

My account/location name is incorrect. How do I change it?

Log into your Own Pool account and navigate to “settings”. Here, you’ll be able to update information such as your name, your location, your subjects, your designated users and permissions, and any third-party connections (agencies).

Can we create multiple logins so that different people can access our Own Pool account?

Not right now, but we’re working on it! One of our goals is giving you the option to create different users and permission levels so different administrators can control booking for their own schools, regions, or locations.

Can I mass import a list of my educators?

Yes. You can import an Excel spreadsheet of local relief teachers or permanent staff into your Own Pool portal. To add new entries or update existing entries, you can also manually copy and paste information from data files (including Google Sheets and Open Office) easily into the system.

How do I cancel my account?

If you no longer need to make unlimited bookings, it’s useful to keep in mind you can downgrade to a Basic Plan for $0 per month. Basic still gives you up to 10 bookings per month and the option to upgrade again, just in case things change and you need it. If you’d prefer to cancel your plan altogether, you can contact the Own Pool team and they will be able to deactivate your account immediately.

Who do I contact for support?

You can email Someone will gladly get back to you ASAP.

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